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Regional imaging site-of-care shift maps

About the map

The below site-of-care shift map displays the distribution of 2021 imaging volumes across various sites of care, by market (Health Referral Region). The sites of care represented include hospital sites (both outpatient (HOPDs) and inpatient) and non-hospital sites (freestanding imaging centers, physician offices, and other sites1). The data in this map originates from Optum’s de-identified Clinformatics® Data Mart which is derived from a database of administrative health claims for members of large commercial and Medicare Advantage health plans.


How to use the map

Use this map to see how imaging services are distributed across various sites of care within your market or any other region of interest.

Each market is color-coded by the percentage of scans performed in non-hospital settings. This percentage is the sum of market share in freestanding imaging centers, physician offices, and other settings. However, you can hover over any market to see detail on how market share is distributed across each site of care. Finally, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the map to switch between imaging modalities.



1“Other” settings include retail clinics, urgent care clinics, home care, ASCs, rehab facilities, nursing facilities, hospice, DME/pharmacy, lab, managed care services, mental/behavioral/social health centers, and transportation services.

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