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The Truth About High-Performing Major Gift Officers

truth about the best MGOs

CDOs are always looking for ways to monitor, evaluate, and improve MGO performance, but the absence of industry benchmarks makes this task challenging.

To meet the growing demand for industry-wide MGO performance data, our Philanthropy Leadership Council experts asked 132 major gift officers from 40 institutions to tell us about their activities and performance.

This research briefing touches on the top four insights that our national survey uncovered about top performing MGOs—and what we found will surprise you.

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Here’s a preview of what we found:

  1. The best MGOs aren’t necessarily the most tenured or the best-resourced. See pg. 3 for data on the relationship between performance, tenure, and organization size.
  2. Portfolio size isn’t nearly as important as portfolio activation. See pg. 4 to learn about the relationship between high achievement and prospect engagement.
  3. Existing relationships are important, but new relationships are crucial. Look on pg. 5 to learn how low and high achieving MGOs breakdown distribute their time between new and existing major donors.
  4. MGOs are always busy in the field, but high achievers are especially efficient with their time. Turn to pg. 6 for data on the relationship between performance, visits, and solicitations.

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