The Margin Improvement Intensive

Hospital margins are under intense pressure as the industry undergoes permanent structural changes, and slashing costs just isn't enough to adapt.

A new margin management strategy is critical to a sustainable financial position—that's why we designed our Margin Improvement Intensive to steer you in the right direction. The Intensive, which is included with your organization's Advisory Board Research membership at no additional cost, combines a custom data analysis with a live workshop session to help you define and implement a new margin strategy that's right for your organization.

Learn more about both components of the Intensive below, or go ahead and submit your request to speak with one of our experts.

 Data analyses tailored to your organization

The Intensive benchmarks your organization's hospital performance against a hand-picked cohort of facilities with similar characteristics on key margin-related metrics including: direct costs, revenue, contribution profit, pay-for-performance, financial indicators, surgical mix, short stay cases, patient safety/infections, patient satisfaction, PACT revenue at risk, and spending efficiency.

We may also examine other data where relevant, such as historical and projected estimates of mandatory risk-based reimbursement programs including readmissions, hospital-acquired conditions, and value-based purchasing.

Do I have to provide data for the customized analysis?

No. The analysis will be prepopulated utilizing the latest claims detail from Medicare along with quality data from Hospital Compare and financial details from the hospital cost reports.

How long does it take to receive the analysis?

We process requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on the volume of requests, analysis may take as much as 3-4 weeks. We'll provide you with an estimated timeline of completion upon receipt of your request.

Can I request a data analysis without participating in the rest of the Intensive?

Yes! You can request a data analysis without a workshop session, although we recommend participating in the full Intensive for the most comprehensive support.

 A facilitated workshop with an Advisory Board expert

After conducting your data analysis and sharing your assessment results, one of our experts will conduct a workshop with your organization to discuss the results live and present research tailored to your most pressing improvement opportunities.

Who should attend the workshop?

The presentation is intended for C-suite and senior executives.

How long is the workshop?

Please allow 90-120 minutes. This includes time for the research presentation and facilitated discussion.

Are there are any materials I can review in advance of the workshop?

The Cost Control Atlas, a chapter of our Finance Leader's Resource Guide, outlines our recommended three-pronged strategy for cost reduction. You can download the Atlas here and access the full guide here.

 Ready to get started?

For more information about the Margin Improvement Intensive, including how to request a data analysis or schedule a workshop for your organization, please submit your request here.

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