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Data and Analytics References

The Advisory Board’s Data and Analytics Group addresses the most significant strategic and business challenges providers face with a wide variety of pre-populated and customizable tools. These resources support the application of Advisory Board research to your institution and provide robust data and actionable next steps to accelerate hospital executive decision making.

Data and Analytics experts also provide members with unlimited “red-carpet” support and expert guidance. To learn more about how the Data and Analytics Group can support your organization, please contact us at

Inpatient Resources

Inpatient Service Line Assignments

CMS's official grouper organized by Advisory Board service lines.

FY 2013 Grouper V30

FY 2014 Grouper V31

FY 2015 Grouper V32

FY 2016 Grouper V33

FY 2017 Grouper V34

FY 2018 Grouper V35

FY 2019 Grouper V36

FY 2020 Grouper V37

FY 2021 Grouper V38

FY 2022 Grouper V39

Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program Summary File

See historical hospital-level performance in the HRRP, broken down by condition, each year since the program began. Also includes performance period information for each measure in the program.

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Outpatient Resources

Outpatient Service Line Assignments (Px)

A comprehensive outpatient service line assignment map detailing the assignment of outpatient procedure codes to Advisory Board’s default outpatient service line hierarchy.

Outpatient Claims Grouper

For inpatient services, the MS-DRG system gives hospitals a fairly simple mechanism for grouping patients into meaningful service lines and sub-service lines. However, no MS-DRG-like system exists for outpatient services. Advisory Board has developed a proprietary methodology to help hospital members group and organize their outpatient services. This methodology can be readily integrated into existing hospital information systems. If you would like a copy of these resources, please download the terms and conditions form below, and return a signed copy to

Advisory Board Outpatient Grouper Terms and Conditions

Note: This resource is available for Health Care Advisory Board and Market Innovation Center members only.

Service Line Reference Files

ICD-10 Tumor Site Map

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