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Health care industry trends for 2021

2021 market trends

We updated our most popular slides depicting the important market forces affecting your business in 2021 so you're ready for your next strategy presentation.

Whether you're speaking to your board, C-suite, or community, you'll have access to the latest data, pre-formatted and ready to present. We collected everything you need to know about Covid-19 recovery, health policy, the provider market, and the purchaser market in 2021. Download the entire 64 slides, or jump right to the trends that are most interesting to you.

Download the Slides

Preview the topics covered in the presentation below:

Lasting impacts of Covid-19 (slides 4-18)

  • Maintaining resiliency (slides 6-8)
  • Volumes and finances (slides 9-11)
  • New consumer preferences (slides 12-15)
  • Health status and disparities (slides 16-18)

Policy updates (slides 19-30)

  • Biden administration priorities (slides 21-22)
  • CMS regulatory actions (slides 23-30)

Provider market (slides 31-51)

  • Volume and site of care shifts (slides 33-41)
  • Start-up and non-traditional disruptors (slides 42-47)
  • Industry consolidation (slides 48-51)

Purchaser market (slides 52-61)

  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage (slides 56-57)
  • Medicaid (slides 58-59)
  • Employer-sponsored insurance (slides 60-61)
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