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Senior care market scan

Organizations in the senior care marketplace are being challenged to address the needs of a growing number of older Americans with a workforce that is limited in size and exhausted from the pandemic. Innovators in this space are experimenting with new technologies and non-traditional collaborations to better meet the needs of this population.

Senior care organizations will be affected by these innovations whether or not they are direct participants in them. This market scan can help operators across the senior care landscape better understand the transformations that will shape the future of this market over the coming decade. The document includes an overview of the major sectors and sub-sectors of the market, profiles some of the most impactful innovators in those sectors, and highlights some of the effects we believe these innovations will have in the future of those sectors.

The visual below outlines the different sectors in the senior care landscape covered in the market scan. Download the market scan below the graphic to read on.

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