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Case Study

How Johns Hopkins Aramco Implemented Tiered Self-Scheduling

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The challenge

Unit managers typically develop the complex staff schedules for their units. This process often fails to account for staff preferences, leading to unplanned vacancies. This can force organizations to use costly overtime measures to fill gaps in staffing, in turn causing nurse dissatisfaction, staff disengagement, and turnover.

The organization

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHA) is a 263-bed hospital in Saudi Arabia. It is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The approach

Tiered self-scheduling allows nurses to craft their own schedule with approval from nursing leaders. To address staff concerns about excessive overtime, JHA piloted the approach on two units before rolling out the strategy across the organization.

The result

Using tiered self-scheduling, JHA has reduced overtime usage across their organization and increased staff satisfaction of work-life balance.



How John Hopkins Aramco usedtiered self-scheduling to reduce overtime

Johns Hopkins Aramco updated their scheduling system to reduce the amount of overtime staff worked and create more flexibility in the scheduling process. This document focuses specifically on the three elements of JHA’s tiered self-scheduling process.

  • Element

    Tier the approach to unit scheduling

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  • Element

    Set scheduling parameters for staff

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  • Element

    Address common fears about self-scheduling

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Tiered self-scheduling lets staff create schedules that reflect their needs and preferences. As a result, nurses are more engaged and have better work-life balance.

High-level leaders report saving 16 to 24 hours of overtime per full-time employee per month. Additionally, this practice has improved retention and saved on costs associated with turnover.

The flexible schedule allows us to adapt our staffing needs for the unit and the individual. We have a greater work-life balance, and it has enabled us to get to know all the staff on the unit, not just your scheduled group.

Staff nurse

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

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