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Benchmark Generator

Infusion Center Volumes, Staffing, and Operations Benchmark Generator

Explore the results from our national benchmarking surveys on infusion center volumes, staffing, and operations in our interactive benchmark generators.

These tools let you slice and dice the data by various factors, including region, analytic case load, and type of institution, to compare your infusion center to your peers.

All Oncology Roundtable members can use these tools to access the national results, while any organization that participated in the surveys will have immediate access to custom reports.

Tool Basics

Suggested Users

  • Oncology service line leaders
  • Infusion center administrators
  • Planners
  • Analysts




  • Facility-level infusion center data presented in quartiles
  • Performance data for a custom cohort of your choice
  • Downloadable graphics for volumes, staffing, operations, and patient throughput data

The 2019 tool includes facility-level data for more than 100 infusion centers.

2019 Infusion Center Benchmark Generator

The 2015 tool includes facility-level data for more than 250 infusion centers.

2015 Infusion Center Benchmark Generator

Get our infusion center insights

2019 insights

Including clinical trials in the infusion center calculus
We identified several trends impacting infusion centers providing care for clinical trial patients, specifically regarding volumes, staffing, and patient throughput metrics.

Infusion center insights: Can in-house lab and pharmacy drive patient throughput?
We collected data from more than one hundred infusion centers to learn how they're offering access to these services and the impact that can have on patient wait times.

Timely care at infusion centers—how do you compare?
To help you assess how your infusion center compares to the competition, we surveyed your peers on their infusion center hours of operation, throughput, and utilization.

Do you have the right chemo nurse staffing ratios?
By far, the most common question we receive from cancer programs is, "How many chemo nurses should I have?"

2015 insights

Infusion center insights: More centers hiring APs for capacity edge
We collected data from over 250 infusion centers and found that nearly 40% of respondents currently employ advanced practitioners in their infusion centers.

Infusion center insights: The where and when of infusion center lab testing
To learn more about the timing and location of lab services, we collected data from over 250 infusion centers.

Infusion center insights: How do your chemo nurse staffing numbers compare?
We collected data from over 250 infusion centers—here's what we learned about chemotherapy nurse staffing.

Infusion center insights: In-house pharmacy service trends
To help you better understand the scope of in-house pharmacy services provided by different types of cancer programs, we asked about this in our Infusion Center Survey—keep reading to see what we found.

Infusion center insights: A close look at pharmacy staffing
Read on to learn more about pharmacy staffing and operations at peer institutions.

Infusion center insights: Do you have the right clinical support team?
We surveyed more than 250 infusion centers on their staffing models and operations to discover key insights on the right clinical support team.

Infusion center insights: What's its role in the 'cancer center building boom'?
To better understand just how big the “cancer center building boom” is, we surveyed our members. Keep reading to see what we found.

Infusion center insights: The ins and outs of infusion center scheduling
We surveyed more than 250 infusion centers about how they schedule infusion center patients—here’s what we learned.

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