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Infusion Center Staffing Profiler

Explore the results from our 2015 national infusion center benchmarking survey to anticipate how your staffing mix will change as your program grows.

Over 250 infusion centers provided facility-level data that we’re featuring in our interactive staffing profiler. This excel-based tool lets you model how the number and types of staff change in relation to the number of infusion chairs and beds or to the number of infusion center patients per day.

Download the Staffing Profiler Tool

FAQ's: Getting started with the Profiler

Who should use the profiler?
We designed the Infusion Center Staffing Profiler to help cancer program administrators anticipate how their infusion center staffing mix and numbers will change as their program grows, but anyone with an Oncology Roundtable membership can access it.

How do I use it?
To start, click on the red button above which will open the Excel-based tool. Next, determine how you want to analyze the data and select one of the two available metrics: number of infusion chairs and beds or average number of daily infusion center patients. You can check and un-check the boxes provided for each variable to understand how changes to that metric impact infusion center staffing.

To get even more specific staffing information for each available position, click "Individual FTE Data."

What's the benefit?
This data, compiled from our national infusion center benchmarking survey, will give you a real-life glance at how you stack up against your peers, and will help with workforce planning as your program grows.

What if I have further questions or recommendations?
Email us. We're always looking for new benchmark initiatives and better ways to serve our members.

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