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Oncology Medicare Market Explorer

The Oncology Medicare Market Explorer provides a comprehensive view into selected providers' share of the Medicare market.

The tool allows you to view market share from multiple perspectives, including share of payments, services, and tumor sites. These analytics provide a more comprehensive market share perspective beyond the traditional measure of inpatient and outpatient procedure share.

Users can fully customize their analyses by selecting any combination of facilities and geographic areas.

Access the Tool

FAQs: Getting started with the Explorer

Who should use this tool?
We designed the Oncology Medicare Market Explorer for business development officers, oncology service line leaders, and strategic planners, but anyone with an Oncology Roundtable membership can access it.

How do I use it?
To get started, create a session and select a market by choosing the states and counties that you're interested in analyzing. Next, select all hospitals for which you want to see market share data (we recommend choosing all hospitals in your system to get accurate data on your market share).

Then, continue to the tool. You'll start by seeing an overview of the selected providers' market share by Medicare payments and services. By clicking on "Service Share," you can explore market share in more depth by inpatient or outpatient setting, as well as by tumor site.

What's the benefit?
The tool's outputs include: share of Medicare claims and payments for your primary service area, patient origin market analysis, data broken down by tumor site, and market share trend data for multiple years.

What questions will this tool help answer?

  • What is your market share by county? By tumor site? By procedure?
  • What are your strengths in terms of market share?
  • Who are your top competitors by county? By tumor site? By procedure?
  • What percentage of patients travel outside your community for cancer care?

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