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Benchmark Generator

Medical Oncology Clinic Volumes, Staffing, and Operations Benchmark Generator

Explore the results from our national benchmarking survey on medical oncology clinic volumes, staffing, and operations.

This tool lets you slice and dice the data by various factors, including region, analytic case load, and type of institution, to compare your medical oncology clinic to your peers.

Sample metrics include new and established patients per day per oncologist, FTEs per oncologist, daily patients per clinic nurse, and average wait time for a new patient appointment.

All Oncology Roundtable members can use this tool to access the national results, while any organization that participated in the survey this year will have immediate access to a custom report.

The 2019 tool includes facility-level data for nearly 80 medical oncology clinics.

View 2019 benchmarks

The 2016 tool includes facility-level data for nearly 100 medical oncology clinics.

View 2016 benchmarks

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