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Chemotherapy patient avoidable utilization assessment

This tool uses CMS’s OP-35 quality measure methodology to help you understand how your chemotherapy patients’ avoidable Emergency Department (ED) and inpatient utilization compares to your peers’ and identify your top opportunities to reduce avoidable utilization by exploring characteristics of these events and the patients experiencing them.

FAQs: Getting started

Who should use this tool?

The tool is designed for clinical and operational leaders for the oncology service line.

How do I use it?

Select the hospital(s) within your health system, tumor sites, and time periods for which you would like to view non-risk-adjusted avoidable inpatient admission and ED visit rates based on Medicare claims data. Then select the cohort to which you would like to compare your organization's performance.

What's the benefit?

With just a few clicks, you can easily view non-risk-adjusted avoidable inpatient admission and ED visit rates for your Medicare chemotherapy patients as well as information such as the facilities your patients were admitted to, the conditions that they were admitted for, and admission rates by tumor site and patient risk level.

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