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Resources to grow your cancer program


Given the aging of the population, cancer incidence is projected to increase over the next ten years. As cancer care becomes more complex, growth in oncology volumes is expected to be even more robust. However, growth in overall cancer patient volumes does not necessarily mean growth for your program.

Key challenges:

  • Increasing competition. Although the number of cancer patients is increasing so is the number of providers competing for cancer patients
  • Shifting referral patterns. Hospital M&A, narrow provider networks, and patient consumerism are disrupting traditional referral patterns
  • Continuing cost growth. Payers worried about spending on cancer care are looking for opportunities to shore up independent oncologists and keep patients out of hospital-based cancer programs

Use the information below to learn how you can grow your cancer program.


Understand national oncology market trends

Use these resources on major trends impacting oncology to frame your next strategy meeting and build a strong foundation for your presentation.

  • Our ready-to-use oncology market trends slides include growth forecasts for oncology services, a look at how Covid-19 has changed the service line, an overview of the most important trends affecting oncology, and guidance on how to respond to shifting market conditions.
  • Our annual Oncology State of the Union examines the most important strategic questions facing oncology leaders across the industry during the peri-Covid-19 era, and what steps various oncology stakeholders can take to influence the direction and pace of change of those shifts.
  • Our exercise guide, How to lead an oncology program planning session, helps you understand the direction your the market is heading, and use that vision of the future to identify looming challenges and success strategies.

Analyze cancer volumes in your local market

Use our oncology market forecasting tools to get estimates of your program's cancer cases, outpatient volumes and inpatient service demand, calculate Medicare market share, and more.

  • Our Cancer Incidence Estimator generates estimates of local cancer cases and generates 5- and 10-year projections, enabling users to size their market.
  • The Market Share Calculator analyzes the percentage of local cases captured by the cancer program, enabling users to understand their competitive position.
  • The Oncology Medicare Market Explorer uses Medicare claims data to calculate your cancer program’s Medicare market share by procedure and tumor site and identify your top competitors.
  • The Oncology Market Estimator generates estimates of local oncology outpatient volumes, as well as the demand for inpatient services by cancer patients, to help you identify growth opportunities.
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Implement best practice growth strategies

Use our research reports and implementation tools to apply proven strategies for cancer program growth.


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