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Span of Control Benchmarks

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Modify the benchmark cohort by region, bed size, and teaching status

Explore the results from our 2017 national benchmarking survey on hospital span of control.

We're featuring this data in our interactive Benchmark Generator, where you can slice and dice the national data by region, bed size, and teaching status to compare your organization's performance to your peers'.

All HR Advancement Center and Imaging Performance Partnership members can use this tool to access the national 2017 results, while any organization that participated in the 2017 survey will have immediate access to a custom report.

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Additional resource: This ready-to-use slide deck includes findings from our 2017 span of control benchmarks including cohort demographics, nursing versus non-nursing span of control, and span of control by hospital workforce size. Download now.

Results from our 2011 survey

We previously gathered span of control data in 2011. Our study, Benchmarking Hospital Span of Control, includes insights into hospital organizational design, a comprehensive set of benchmark data, and a framework on how to apply benchmarks to meet your organization's needs. Download the study.

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