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How to Reduce Patient No-Shows

12% of visit slots go unused because of patient no-shows or short-notice cancellations. That adds up to a six-figure loss per physician per year.

But, there are two steps medical groups can take to reduce that number.

Step 1: Select a no-show reduction strategy

Physician groups have multiple options for how to decrease their no-show rate. But, the best no-show reduction strategy depends on the group, its patients, and its access to capital. This resource outlines four tactical solutions executives should consider investing in to reduce patient no-shows.

Download The Physician Group Leader’s Guide to Patient No-Shows

Step 2: Equip operations teams for successful implementation

Even with the right no-show reduction strategy, no-show rates can remain high if the strategy is poorly implemented. These two-page checklists include implementation guidance and keys to success designed to help medical group operations team execute these strategies effectively.

Download the corresponding No-Show Reduction Implementation Checklist:

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