Shift from Annual Performance Management to Continuous Feedback

It’s no secret that the vast majority of managers, staff, and HR leaders find limited value in the annual performance evaluation process. Staff want more frequent feedback—and they would benefit from it. The challenge is making continuous feedback doable for health care managers, given typical spans of control.

This report contains four practical strategies that will help HR leaders reduce the time managers spend on the annual review—so managers can spend more time coaching staff throughout the year.

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The Case for Regular Feedback

Staff who strongly agree they receive regular feedback from their manager are five times more likely to be engaged than staff who disagree.

Percentage of Frontline Staff Engaged by Agreement with the Statement, "I receive regular feedback from my manager on my performance"

Given the power of regular feedback, companies in several industries have been experimenting with alternative approaches to performance management, in some cases going so far as to eliminate the annual review altogether in favor of more frequent check-ins.

A Health Care-Specific Approach to Continuous Feedback

Health care organizations may not be able to adopt other industries’ strategies wholesale, but they can and should shift their investment in performance management away from the annual review. Minimizing the time managers spend on the annual review will free them up to spend more time delivering ongoing feedback.

While we conducted extensive research on approaches to continuous feedback in other industries, the solutions we recommend in this report are custom-fit for health care organizations. We provide four strategies that will help HR leaders shift performance management from an annual event to continuous feedback.

Minimize the Documentation Required for the Annual Review
Cut down on the documentation burden of the annual review so managers have more time for ongoing feedback. Read more on page 15.

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Focus on Quality, Then Quantity, of One-on-Ones
Give managers the resources they need to have high-quality performance check-ins with their staff and put guardrails in place to ensure conversations happen. Read more on page 25.

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Fill in the Gaps Between One-on-Ones with Frequent Team Feedback
Help managers better leverage the time they are already spending with their teams to deliver feedback on goals and behaviors. Read more on page 39.

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Democratize Feedback to Capture Multiple Perspectives
Empower staff to take an active role in discussing their own performance and offer the option to give and receive peer feedback throughout the year. Read more on page 51.

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