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Conversation Guide

Conversation guide for ongoing employee evaluation


Managers and team leaders can use this tool to account for effects of identity when guiding employees through quarterly performance conversations. Beyond evaluation, this document can also be used to guide regular conversations about goals and career path development. This tool is designed to initiate effective conversations around the employee’s strengths, areas of improvement, and plans to meet career objectives while considering how identity and values can affect feedback.

Time required

  • 30 minutes to prepare
  • 5 minutes to deliver message to team
How to use this tool
  1. Focus area: Strengths

    Discuss the employee's strengths. Allow the employee to guide the conversation by asking for their take first before offering your opinion.

  2. Focus area: Areas for improvement

    Discuss areas where the employee can improve, but consider how your own biases might influence what you see as their opportunities.

  3. Focus area: Professional aspirations

    Discuss employees' long-term goals for their career, where they want to go next in the organization, and potentially hidden challenges that might prevent them from getting there.

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