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Pharmacy Dashboard and Scorecard Library

Now more than ever, pharmacy leaders are searching for new ways to benchmark success and demonstrate value to the health system. While there is no shortage of performance measures to choose from, there is interest in understanding how to select the most meaningful metrics and connect pharmacy efforts to larger health system goals.

To give organizations better visibility into what others are measuring, we collected sample pharmacy dashboards and scorecards from 12 hospitals and health systems across the country. We also identified common themes and metric categories across the submissions and organized them into a collection of pick lists that your organization can use when building out a pharmacy dashboard or scorecard.

Keep reading for an overview of pharmacy dashboards and scorecards, then download the samples from our library below.

What makes an effective pharmacy dashboard or scorecard?

Download our one-pager for four tips for creating your pharmacy dashboard or scorecard.

Who should use the pharmacy dashboards and scorecards?

We recommend these resources for site- and system-level pharmacy leaders and executives.

What will I learn from the pharmacy dashboards and scorecards?

  • Common metrics used to track pharmacy performance
  • How to organize and design pharmacy dashboards and scorecards
  • Methods to track and benchmark pharmacy success

Dashboard and scorecard library

Hospital and health system pharmacy dashboards

Download all the dashboards

Hospital and health system pharmacy scorecards

Download all the scorecards

Sample pharmacy metrics by category

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