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Resources to address infusion site-of-care restrictions

Outpatient infusion care is changing. Payer policies increasingly impact where patients can receive provider-administered medications and how providers are reimbursed for these medications.

Health system leaders report that payer restrictions on infusion services for high-cost specialty medications threaten patient safety and the financial sustainability of hospital-based infusion centers. However, many health systems struggle to assess and address the impact of these policies.

This library contains our top resources for pharmacy leaders working to protect health system infusion services and support contract negotiations. Use our tools to:

1. Inform yourself on current payer trends impacting infusion services

Watch the on-demand, 1-hour webinar covering how, and why, payer trends are impacting health system infusion services. Then share it with your colleagues.

2. Learn what strategies your peers are using to respond to payer mandates

See how Avera Health took control of infusion site-of-care decisions through a coordinated response involving cross-stakeholder collaboration.

Read how UK HealthCare protected pharmacy assets from payer policies through internal and external partnerships to achieve short and long-term success.

3. Educate key stakeholders about critical issues and ways to take action

Download the ready-to-use slides (with talking points) to start a conversation with key stakeholders, including executives and the managed care team, about how these trends are already impacting infusion care at your organization.

4. Review national benchmarking to better understand trends in infusion care

View results from our survey of health system pharmacy leaders to learn how your peers are experiencing and addressing increased restrictions on infusion services.

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