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Four barriers development leaders face when getting started on DEI priorities—and tips for tackling each one

It is no surprise to foundation leaders that health care development teams have prioritized the need to fundraise for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). A majority of development teams Advisory Board have spoken with have shared this as an emerging and important funding priority to reconcile in 2022 and beyond. They’ve expressed that DEI, as a funding priority, is inherently linked to the success of their evergreen priorities, such as grateful patient fundraising, community health projects, major gift pipelines, and campaign fundraising.

However, many development teams find it difficult to begin work for DEI, whether it is due to conflicting priorities, limited staff capacity, or lack of a cohesive vision. Our team at Advisory Board spoke to 20+ industry leaders about what fundraising for DEI looks like for them. Here are 4 barriers all development leaders must tackle when creating their diversity, equity, and inclusion fundraising strategy and tips for starting on each one:

  • 1. Lack of capacity
  • 2. Unrepresented community perspectives
  • 3. Siloed initiatives
  • 4. Communicating the vision

Once you’ve identified the barriers your foundation is facing, use the fundraising for DEI cheat sheet to further define your strategy and set goals that give your entire team a mission to rally around and act upon.

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