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Innovative partnerships between hospitals and independent physician groups

Partnerships with independent physicians have become more important than ever before. But with more agency and potential suitors than ever, health systems and hospitals are often last on their list. As a result, many organizations are revisiting their partnership strategy. Below, we’ve profiled four innovative ways that hospitals are working with independent physicians. Each case study includes:

  • The challenge each partnership solves for
  • How the partnership works in practice
  • The benefits for each party—including the community
  • Implementation considerations for your organization

Hospital-based MSO

Best for: Hospitals that are skilled in a particular area (e.g., billing, care management) and want to work across multiple independent physician groups in their market—especially those that prioritize autonomy.

Learn how hospitals can use their scale and existing infrastructure to set up a management services organization (MSO) that offers centralized business services to independent physicians.

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Joint physician recruitment

Best for: Hospitals that want to grow their outpatient footprint and independent physician groups that want to defer up-front recruitment costs.

Learn how hospitals and independent medical groups can partner on physician recruitment to jointly grow market share in communities with a proven need.

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Co-located after-hours care center

Best for: Hospitals and independent physician groups that provide specialized complementary services.

Learn how specialized hospitals and single-specialty groups can partner to build new facilities and services that are more comprehensive than what they could have developed alone.

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Low-cost ASC buy-in

Best for: Hospitals that want to partner with multiple groups and physician investors who are early on in their careers.

Learn how hospitals and independent physician groups can jointly invest in ASCs to grow outpatient market share.

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