How to proactively address emotional reactions to change

About this Webinar

Physician leaders are increasingly advancing complex change initiatives, from optimizing the EMR to implementing new care standards. For any change initiative to be successful, it’s critical to solicit input and meaningfully involve colleagues in the decision-making process. However, many leaders struggle to navigate conversations about change because one person’s outsized negative reaction or complaint can derail the entire meeting.

By proactively addressing emotional reactions to change, you can set yourself up for productive conversations that result in actionable input. Join us to learn how to facilitate one-on-one "Pre-Wire Check-Ins" with key physician stakeholders to surface emotional reactions, address their concerns, and win buy-in.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify the stakeholders whose buy-in you need the most for an upcoming change
  • How to mitigate the impact of negative "emotional contagion" by strategically introducing a change initiative during targeted one-on-one conversations
  • How to prepare for a pre-wire check-in and tips to facilitate a productive conversation
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