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Case Study

How Penn Medicine Delivers High-Quality Home Infusion Therapy


The challenge
Infusion therapy can be successfully delivered in the home setting, but it requires coordination across multiple disciplines, including physicians, nursing, and pharmacy staff. As more of this care shifts home following payment changes, providers must ensure patients have access to medication, supplies, and well-trained staff in a timely manner.

The organization
Penn Medicine is an academic medical center in Philadelphia, PA. Penn Home Infusion Therapy is a division of Penn Medicine at Home.

The approach
Penn Medicine ensures the timely delivery of medication and patient access to well-trained clinical staff.

The result
With 25 years of experience, Penn Medicine continues to lead in home infusion therapy in the greater Philadelphia area. They report high patient satisfaction and outcomes.



How Penn Medicine  meets the needs of home infusion therapy patients

Penn Medicine meets the specific needs of each home infusion therapy patient through specialized clinical teams. This document focuses on the three essential elements of this successful service line.

  • Element

    Choose the specialty

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    Train the team

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    Make operations efficient

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How we know it’s working

Penn Medicine reports high patient satisfaction and excellent clinical outcomes. The services are also freeing up hospital beds for other patients. They have grown from about 50 patients on census in the mid-1990s to 2,200 to 2,300 patients today. They have also expanded their service offerings to include TPN, biologics, hydration, and injections. Currently, the program covers 14 therapy categories that provide over 120 unique medications.

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