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How to Grow Post-Acute Partnerships with Workers’ Compensation Carriers

Workers’ compensation carriers are a payer type contracted to cover medical and related costs for injured employees. 

While many post-acute operators have some expertise managing traumatic workplace injury cases, growing catastrophic injury volumes or partnerships with carriers is currently not a main strategic priority for many organizations.

However, as more organizations look to increase patient census and revenues through innovative avenues, capitalizing on rehabilitation expertise to manage catastrophic workplace injury cases can serve as a market differentiator and create an added opportunity to grow volumes.

Review the resources below to understand the basics of partnering with workers’ compensation carriers and next steps if your organization is interested in growing workers’ compensation volumes. 


Cheat sheet: Partnering with Workers’ Compensation Carriers

Review the basics of post-acute collaboration with workers’ compensation carriers, including what is workers’ compensation, who are the key players, and what role post-acute providers can play in these partnerships.

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Strategic guide: Deriving increased value from existing workers’ compensation programs

Use this strategic guide to pinpoint the state of your current collaboration with workers’ compensation carriers and identify next steps to grow your partnerships.

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