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Global ‘systemness’ case study compendium and discussion guide

2020 became the year of unexpected systemness. Amidst their pandemic responses, organizations across the health care ecosystem collaborated like the unified systems they have long sought to become. Coming out of the crisis, executives must take specific actions to hold on to their organizations’ new-found collaborative posture—to both avoiding backsliding to pre-pandemic ways of working, and to build a better foundation for future collaboration and partnerships.

This comprehensive case study compendium houses 10 new structural, process, and organizational design changes that systems are now implementing to capture systemness gains and catalyze future collaboration, flexibility, and innovation. The 10 were sourced and vetted over a five-month global scan, which included 50+ research interviews with executives, academics and politicians in a dozen countries.

How to use it:

This deck is designed to be previewed before, and then discussed at, any regularly-held leadership or partnership meeting. Each of the 10 tactics includes an overview of the new idea, a case study that brings the idea to life, and implementation considerations to help you choose if it fits your context.

Leadership teams should review the 10 tactics and then discuss which 1-2 tactics to implement as a collective.


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