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While you likely undertake a massive strategic planning effort once a year, you think about your business's future every day. And for good reason—change doesn't wait for annual year-in-review meetings.

In complex times for the health care industry, being able to continually identify emerging challenges and opportunities can give you an edge. Our goal isn’t to replace your strategic planning framework, but to provide information, perspective, and thought-provoking toolkits to help you future-proof your strategic planning decisions and make your organization more adaptable.

Below, you'll find new resources based around four strategic planning priorities to improve your day-to-day tracking toward your major objectives:

  1. Assess your current position
  2. Segment your market(s)
  3. Anticipate disruptive possibilities
  4. Chart your best course

Assess your current position

"Where are we now—and how did we get here?"

Segment your market(s)

"How do customer needs vary by region, service line, site of care, or IDN profile?"

Anticipate disruptive possibilities

"How do we best capitalize on emerging opportunities and mitigate potential risks?"

Chart your best course

"Have we considered all relevant variables in determining strategic priorities?"

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