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The Hospital Pay-for-Performance File

Suppliers and service providers recognize that developing a better understanding of their hospital customers’ performance on quality scores is essential to grow their business.

But too often, organizations don’t have insight into the performance of hospitals in a single, easy-to-read data format. That’s why we created the Hospital Pay-for-Performance (P4P) File, a one-stop shop for reviewing your hospital customer’s performance.

The Hospital Pay-for-Performance File assesses your hospital customer’s performance on three mandatory Pay-for-Performance initiatives in the Medicare program:

Within this document, you’ll find the latest institution-specific data sets related to P4P on hospitals today, with the goal of helping you identify ways to better support your partner organizations around quality/cost improvement in the future. We recommend that you use this information for internal planning and ask that you not share the contents of this file with providers.

Get our Hospital Pay-for-Performance File to access your provider partner's most recent metrics, and then download past versions for easy benchmark-to-benchmark comparison.

Download the 2022 file

Download the 2021 file

Download the 2020 file

Download the 2019 file

Download the 2018 file

How to use the file

This document contains six tabs. The first tab offers a tool description. The second and third tabs review all three pay-for-performance programs, while the other three tabs present program-specific looks at the three pay-for performance programs.

The Facility Overview is designed to provide a quick look at a hospital's performance in the pay-for-performance (P4P) programs compared to its peers. The Pay-for-Performance (P4P) File tab contains individual hospital performance data for the VBP, RRP, and HAC programs. In addition to this performance data, we have also included projections on how performance will impact hospital Medicare payments. Our Readmissions Spotlight takes an in-depth look at hospital performance on the types of readmissions used in the RRP program.

We recommend that you use this information for internal planning and ask that you not share the contents of this file with providers.

A supplier or service provider can examine the performance of top hospital clients or targets in the P4P File tab before a meeting and broadly identify which quality programs appear to be hospital strengths and which appear to be weaknesses.

If the company would like to speak specifically to readmissions—which can be greatly impacted by cardiovascular and orthopedic products or services—the representative can also use the Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Spotlight, Readmissions Spotlight, or Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HAC) Spotlight to see which conditions are driving bonuses or penalties at the hospital. The representative can then take the qualitative knowledge learned about the hospital to engage in productive quality discussion with a hospital service line leader, executive, or supply chain leader.

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