Five Trends That Will Disrupt Health Care Delivery

The ever-evolving health care ecosystem

These days, there’s no shortage of commentary about health care disruption —the most successful organizations are able to go beyond the headlines and separate hype from reality, and noise from news. To grow your customer relationships, you need to understand how the health care market is changing and where your organization fits into the ever-evolving health care ecosystem.

Earlier this year, we took stock of the myriad forces impacting health care delivery. We boiled everything down to four major health care trends that everyone needs to know in 2020. Then Covid-19 struck, and a fifth trend emerged—disrupting everything and rewriting the health care landscape in ways we are only starting to comprehend.

Emerge as a trusted partner in improving health care delivery

This briefing will arm you with a deeper understanding of each of these five trends: how each one emerged, where it stands today, where it may push the industry, and what it means for your provider partners. These insights will help you and your teams ask smarter questions, have more productive conversations with IDN administrators, and position yourself as a trusted partner in improving health care delivery.

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