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The 2019 Hospital Revenue Cycle Benchmarking Initiative

Looking for industry performance measures and expert insights on relevant trends? The Revenue Cycle Benchmarking Initiative provides a powerful combination of meaningful, actionable benchmarks, easy-to-access analytics, and insight from research experts.

Data collection will open again in early 2021. View more details on 2021 benchmarking.

The results from our 2019 benchmarking are now accessible via the following resources:

If you'd like to participate in our benchmarking, please email

The following resources detail the methodology of our benchmarking initiative:

Tool: The Hospital Revenue Cycle Benchmark Generator

Interested in deeper cuts of benchmarking data? The Generator comes pre-loaded with data from over 500 organizations and provides an easy visual comparison of hospital performance on key revenue cycle metrics compared to a hand-selected cohort.

Who should use this tool?
We designed the Hospital Revenue Cycle Benchmark Generator to allow financial leaders to reliably assess their revenue cycle department's productivity. It's as simple as opening the tool and viewing the benchmarks.

How do I use it?

To start, click the "Access the Benchmarks" link below, which will take you to the tool. Metrics can be viewed by clicking the menu on the left side of the screen. To customize a cohort, click the "modify cohort" menu item inside the tool, located above the chart panel.

Survey participants can also view their custom data in the application alongside the benchmarks. Email us to get activated.

Access the benchmarks

Recently added: The Revenue Cycle Performance Diagnostic 

Those who participated in our 2019 benchmarking survey have access to a custom revenue cycle performance diagnostic. We've injected data from our latest benchmarking to help you to identify key revenue cycle strengths and improvement opportunities. Each area of improvement is mapped to relevant research, allowing members to hit the ground running with performance improvement.

Access the tool

Past survey results

You can explore past studies, expert insights, and historical data below.

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