How to Close the Housing Gap Through Strategic Partnerships

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A growing trend among progressive provider organizations is connecting at-risk patients with housing and wraparound support. A successful housing program requires strong partnerships with community organizations in order to provide patients with the necessary physical infrastructure, clinical care, and social support.

This research report outlines the business case for addressing housing insecurity and profiles five successful housing partnerships.

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Strategies for developing housing partnerships

The appendix of this research report provides a partnership assessment to guide your appraisal of existing community and hospital resources. Consider your partnership structure across the three key components of every housing program, on the spectrum from aggregator to owner: infrastructure, social services, and clinical care.

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Examining unstable housing as a gap in care

With the shift toward population health management, providers need to examine the underlying factors that affect community health. However, few provider organizations have programs to help secure housing for patients experiencing homelessness.

The economic and behavioral drivers of housing insecurity make it one of the most difficult social determinants of health to address. Even the most motivated organizations find themselves stymied by this challenge, particularly due to their own resource constraints. Learn more on p. 6.

Some providers are facing the issue head-on by partnering with community-based organizations to meet patients' housing needs. When determining what role to play in these partnerships, provider organizations should consider their own strengths as well as what potential partners can bring to the table.

By working in tandem with community organizations, providers can help patients not only with housing, but with their overall health. Learn more starting on p. 8.

Partnership models to close the housing gap

Download the full report to learn more about improving population health by addressing housing insecurity, including profiles of five successful housing partnerships.

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