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Conversation Guide

How to check in with a staff member about their well-being


This tool will help identify staff who may be experiencing emotional stress and prepare leaders to conduct a well-being check-in. This check-in is not aimed at solving the staff member’s emotional stress in the moment, but rather is to address concerning behaviors, and ensure the staff member has the right support, connecting them to existing resources within the organization.

Time required

  • 10 minutes to identify staff member and customize scripting
  • 30 minutes to meet with the staff member
  • 10 minutes to complete follow-up items from the check-in
How to use this tool
  1. Write down why a staff member may need a check-in.

    Review the list of behaviors and mood changes on page 2 to check if a staff member might be experiencing emotional stress.

  2. Identify support services available to the staff.

    Add any emotional support services available at your organization to the list on page 3. You will use this list during the check-in.

  3. Prepare your talking points for the check-in.

    Customize the scripting on page 4 to your own voice. You can
    download an editable version of the suggested scripting below.

    Suggested scripting
  4. Ready yourself and conduct the check-in.

    Schedule a 30-minute meeting with the staff member. Use the tips on page 5 to ensure you bring your most empathetic self to the check-in. This will support a productive discussion. Be sure to follow up on any next steps in a timely manner.

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