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Hospital-at-Home Market Entry and Expansion Framework

To address bed capacity constraints and improve outcomes, health systems have been moving care to patients’ homes through Hospital-at-Home (HaH) programs at increasing rates. Although interest in these programs has grown significantly in the past few years, the lack of reimbursement has acted as a barrier to implementation.

However, during the public health emergency, CMS launched their “Acute Hospital Care At Home program,” which provides inpatient-level reimbursement for eligible conditions. By minimizing one of the largest barriers to HaH program implementation, health systems are now faced with the decision on whether to invest in a program, and consider what characteristics suggest a market is ripe for HaH expansion if a program already exists.

Use our framework to understand the key factors your organization needs to consider when evaluating a Hospital-at-Home program launch or expansion, including creating a program goal, evaluating the market opportunity, assessing organizational capabilities, and understanding the financial viability.

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