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Case Study

How Florence Medicine expands outpatient CV capacity

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The challenge

Covid-19 exacerbated existing physician shortages and burnout. For Florence Medicine this has caused CV visit supply to fall short of visit demand. This eventually resulted in a very long queue of 300 new patients—even though physicians were meeting visit targets. As there were no physicians available to hire in the market, leaders found themselves in a difficult position: How could they expand visit capacity without overworking their current physicians?

The organization

Florence Medicine is a large health network that includes three sites for heart and vascular care.

The approach

To expand CV ambulatory capacity and avoid existing staff burnout, Florence Medicine elevates the role of Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) with a standardized visit template, flexes appropriate specialists with available capacity, and invests in strategic facility layouts to streamline care.

The result

The combination of new, elevated APPs and a standard visit template enables staff to see an additional 200 visits a month while flexed specialists relieve cardiologists of unnecessary consultations. New investments in infrastructure help Florence Medicine see even more patients as dedicated staff spaces better align with care flow and coordinated care models.



The three strategies

Florence Medicine has employed three strategies to increase capacity and meet patient demand for CV services:

  • Strategy

    Elevate the role of APPs

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  • Strategy

    Flex available CV specialists

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  • Strategy

    Invest in streamlined infrastructure

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How we know it’s working

Standardizing visit templates and elevating APPs allows Florence Medicine to see an additional 200 visits a month. While leaders view this strategy as the single most impactful way to increase general cardiology visits, flexing available CV specialists also helps minimize burnout and has given general cardiologists room to do their jobs more effectively. These practices will continue to improve care access for patients.

In addition to increasing their staff’s capacity, Florence Medicine aims to increase their physical capacity to see patients in a relocated clinic. The addition of 8 new rooms and dedicated staff spaces will further their ability to optimize care roles and keep up with demand.


Additional visits a month as a result of elevating APP staff

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