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Hard truths on the current and future state of the nursing workforce

2021/12/16 13:00:00
2021/12/16 14:00:00

December 16, 2021

1:00 PM - 2:00 PMAmerica/New_York

About this Webinar

There have been concerns for years about looming supply and demand imbalances in the nursing workforce. The shortage is no longer looming. It’s here now, and it’s a crisis. In the current workforce landscape, nursing staff are not in the geographies, sites of care, or roles where they are needed most. Nor do these staff always have the needed specialization and experience level, widening the existing experience-complexity gap. As a result, gaping holes in staffing rosters, prolonged vacancies, unstable turnover rates, and unchecked use of premium labor are now all commonplace. This context is untenable and requires a different approach from the C-suite than previous cyclical workforce supply-demand imbalances.

Things you’ll learn:

  • Understand what sets the current context apart from previous workforce shortages
  • Discuss the hard truths and the executive mindset shifts needed to adapt to the current landscape
  • Learn tactics and executive strategies to navigate your workforce challenges

Presenter: Carol Boston-Fleischhauer, JD, MS, BSN

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