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Opportunities and challenges for senior care stakeholders

As the population of older adults (defined as adults at or above 65 years of age) increases, so too does the importance of understanding how these individuals interact with the health care ecosystem. Older adults are connected to multiple industry stakeholders spanning health care, and these stakeholders also interact with each other.

This interactive ebook discusses three types of stakeholder organizations involved with the care of America’s seniors:

  • Those that finance care —CMS, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicaid plans
  • Those that provide health care – hospitals, physicians, post-acute care facilities, and home and community care providers
  • Those that manufacture goods and provide services – senior living facilities, pharmaceutical companies, med tech and diagnostics companies, and digital health companies

For each of these sectors, we examine how organizations interact with seniors and other entitles across health care, identify the opportunities and future challenges facing each stakeholder group, and depict how money flows between stakeholders.

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