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Digital Health Systems Discussion Map

    Challenged with getting everyone on the same page about digital health systems? Explore our resources below to help your team discuss topics including:

    • Barriers to integration and transformation
    • Organisation-level integration and transformation assessments
    • Key priorities for how to move forward

    Use this visual map to support interactive discussions on building the health system of the future with your IT or leadership teams.

    Download the Discussion Map

    Accompanying Resources

    Use this discussion map user guide to:

    • Define the health system of the future
    • Facilitate a discussion on digital health systems
    • Use the digital health systems discussion map
    • Assemble the right team and move forward

    Review the Discussion Map User Guide

    These ready-to-use presentations contain the Global eHealth Executive Council’s most popular slides on transforming care through digitisation. Use one deck or a combination of the three to communicate key ways to establish system integration, digital transformation, and a pathway toward innovation at your organisation.

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