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How to reduce avoidable inpatient length of stay


Organizations have historically focused throughput efforts on reducing avoidable inpatient length of stay. Some hospitals have already maximized throughput gains in this area.

But organizations that still have room for improvement in this area should start here before moving on to more time-intensive strategies. This strategy is the fastest way to relieve capacity pressure. It creates breathing room for leaders to go after more time—and resource—intensive opportunities later. And starting with quick wins can engender support from frontline clinicians for more complicated patient flow initiatives in the future.


Streamline interdisciplinary communication to support on-time care plan execution

Tactic Two

Larger care teams lead to delays in care planning and execution—unless interdisciplinary communication is built into clinician workflow.


Empower clinicians to overcome common transition delays

Tactic Three

“Last mile” discharge delays, or barriers to leaving the hospital after the discharge order has been written, can add up to a lot of extra time. Organizations need to know their most common discharge delays and equip clinicians with the tools to overcome them.

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