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Care Delivery Innovation Reference Guide

Prioritizing focus across different population health initiatives can be a difficult task without good data on which initiatives have demonstrated success. While most provider organizations look to adhere to evidence-based guidelines, there are few explicit standards for many innovations in care transformation. To make the right investments in population health management, providers should prioritize initiatives that have been proven to move targeted metrics related to cost, quality, and utilization.

The Care Delivery Innovation Reference Guide helps organizations understand the strength of evidence and range of impact of specific population health interventions. The reference guide summarizes the evidence base behind 45 commonly implemented population health interventions.

For each intervention, we've outlined the strength of evidence on whether the intervention reduces cost, inflects utilization, and improves quality, access, and stakeholder satisfaction. Download the Care Delivery Innovation Reference Guide Methodology Overview for more information on the research process.

Use the interactive menu below to browse across all interventions, interventions by patient risk level, or expected impact. You can also download an Excel version of the tool to access all interventions at once.

  Download the methodology

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Click on any of the interventions below to receive a brief description, range of impact, and a summary of best practices for implementation.

Behavioral health

Care coordination/management

Disease management

Serious illness care

Patient engagement

Primary care innovation

Social determinants of health



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