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Dobbs v. Jackson: Key impacts across health care


The Dobbs v. Jackson ruling has triggered a cascade of consequences for health care leaders and the people they serve and has introduced unprecedented complexity to organizations operating across state lines. We have been working to understand the implications for the health care industry as a whole and for different stakeholders across the industry.

To learn more about how the Dobbs decision will impact health care industry-wide, visit these resources:

Read on to dive deeper into the decision’s key implications by stakeholder and issues to watch.

Roe v. Wade has fallen: What’s next?

We are researching the business implications for all stakeholders, how to support the clinical workforce, and the likely impact on pregnant patients and their families.

Key impacts by stakeholder
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Health care employers
  • Health plans and purchasers
  • Life sciences companies
Key issues to watch
  • Health outcomes and patient impact
  • Clinical workforce
  • Telehealth

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